1/10 Aluminum Trailer w/ Wheels & Spring Leafs


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Main Base
(Length) - 20cm
(Width) - 9cm
(Thickness) - 2cm

Base to hitch (triangular part)
(Length) - 144mm
(Width) - 59mm

Wheel (Size) - 1.55
Wheel (Width) - 39mmm
Wheel (Length) - 92mm
Wheel to trailer length - 5cm

4 leafs per
(Length) - 140mm

Full trailer
(Width) - 19cm
(Length) - 32cm

Trailer Weight - 950.00 grams

Scale trailer base to build a tent trailer, camper or anything your mind can imagine. Item comes with leaf springs, bead-lock wheels, 2 x 1.55 crawler tires and a dual axle entirely made from anodized aluminum.

This item is available for distribution from AsiaTees.com

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