1/14 RC Realistic Hydraulic Forklift ARTR Red

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  • Scale: 1/14
  • Size
    • Length: 311.5mm
    • Width: 115.6mm
    • Height: 210mm
  • Lift Weight: 1.5kg
  • Tire Rubber Compound: Soft
  • Radio: 6-channel (not included)
  • Battery: 7.4V 2S Lipo (not included)
  • Connection Type: XT60
  • Battery size: 83x40x16mm (LxWxH) (not included)


Instruction - How To Start:

  • Before turning on the unit, check the position of each switch, making sure all switches point upwards and return the transmitter to the neutral position. Next, turn on the switches.
  • Turn on the transmitter switch (the remote control switch should be in the up position).
  • Connect the forklift power supply and wait for the signal sound for confirmation before operation (about 5 seconds).


  • The ESC will enter Setting Mode if it is operated in advance, which will cause the ESC to not work properly.
  • Battery installation: Pay attention to the positive and negative terminals of the battery during installation.
  • Before the forklift battery is installed: Measure the voltage first, the voltage cannot be lower than 7.4V.

Refueling Steps: Can use 35 or 46 hydraulic oil to add 35 ml, using the 2.0mm sleeve.

Includes two wooden pallets and a steel welded container.

You will need:
  • Radio transmitter and receiver
  • Battery
  • Figure is not included

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