Boom Racing Aluminum Body Mount for Team Raffee Co. Discovery 1/10 Hard Body


Now you can build the BRX01 chassis kit with the TRC Discovery body! Both are 313mm wheelbase.

If you're planning to build a scale Discovery 1/10 truck, the BRX01 chassis is a great chassis platform. This alum body mount is made for the BRX01 chassis to use with the TRC Discovery 1/10 hard body. Both body and chassis are 313mm wheelbase.

This body mount uses the same quick-release mechanism as the stock body mount.
Three things are needed:
+ BRX01 Discovery Body Mount Set (BRLC7202)
+ BRX01 chassis (BR8001/BR8002)
+ Team Raffee Co. 1/10 Discovery Hard Body Set 313mm (TRC/302836)








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