Team Raffee Co. Releases Open-Top Rubicon 5-Door Hard Body 313mm


TRC releases their 1/10 Open-Top Rubicon 5-Door Hard Body in 313mm wheelbase. Available in three colors.

This Open-Top Rubicon 5-Door hard body comes in a kit.

1x Hard Body
4x Doors
1x Roll Cage
4x Inner Door Panel
1x Windshield
4x Wheel Fender
2x Front Seat
1x Rear Seat
1x Front Grill
1x Dash Board
1x Steering Wheel
2x Shift Handle
2x Sideview Mirror
1x Rearview Mirror
2x Windshield Wiper
6x Door Handle
2x Hood Catch
2x Front Light Lense
2x Front Lower Light Lense
2x Rear Light Lense
1x Antenna

Body requires assembly.

Available in three colors: Green / Black / Desert Yellow

Part Number: TRC/302532








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