TRC Terra X? PRO 5-Pole 540 High Performance Brushed Motors


Want brushless motor smoothness and control - but in a budget? This new Team Raffee Co. 5-Pole Terra X Pro 540 brushed motor fits the bill.

Want brushless motor smoothness and control, but in a budget? This is what the TRC Terra X Pro 5-Pole 11T 540 High Performance brushed motors are all about. The 5-slot armature provides great low-end control. It is best suited for R/C crawlers that require incremental power to navigate through difficult terrains.


  • Very smooth power and control
  • High strength magnets for large amounts of torque
  • Excellent torque and long-run times
  • Direct-Solder Wiring Tabs for flexible mounting options
  • Dual-ball Bearings Design for an efficient drivetrain
  • Rebuildable design with an easily accessible commutator and replaceable brushes and springs


  • Type: Brushed
  • Size: 540
  • Poles: 5
  • Turns: 11T / 13T/ 16T / 20T
  • Max Input Voltage: 8.4V

Equivalent KV:

  • Terra X Pro 540 11T - 2200Kv TRC/302623-11T
  • Terra X Pro 540 13T - 2000Kv TRC/302623-13T
  • Terra X Pro 540 16T - 1750Kv TRC/302623-16T
  • Terra X Pro 540 20T - 1420Kv TRC/302623-20T








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