Team Raffee Co. Flat Bed Tray w/ Two Half Canopies for BRX01 LC70


Fresh from Team Raffee Co. is the new flat bed tray with two half canopies for Boom Racing BRX01 situated with the LC70 hard body.

This is a Team Raffee Co. Flat Bed Tray with Two Half Canopies for the Boom Racing BRX01 used with the Killerbody Toyota Land Cruiser LC70 body.


  • Made from strong ABS styrene­ sheets
  • Pre-built, one-piece flat bed tray with two half canopies
  • Uses the rear body hinge for quick access to the chassis compartment
  • Working doors with metal hinges for durability
  • Storage space inside all four half canopies
  • Direct fit to stock Boom Racing BRX01 with LC70 body (no modifications needed)


  • Flat bed tray with two half canopies
  • 3D Printed Mount for Flat bed tray and Killerbody LC70 Body (fits BRX01 w/ LC70 body)
  • Light buckets
  • Light lenses (unpainted)


  • Size: 245 x 206 x 150mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 790g

Note: Does not include rooftop tent. Metal body mounts are not included (comes with the BRX01). Comes unpainted.
















Author:Jason Tsang

Tags: Team Raffee Co., BRX01, LC70

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