JDM 1/10 Full Metal 4x4 Scaled Crawler Kit Grey


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  • Scale:1/10
  • Dimensions: Length 524 x Width 220 x Height 216 MM
  • Wheelbase: Wheelbase 313MM
  • Front and Rear Shock Absorber Stroke: 25 MM
  • Gearbox: All-metal simulation planetary 4-speed gearbox, front and rear drive can be interrupted, low-speed four-wheel-drive torque can be magnified 4 times
  • Axle: Metal axle with differential lock function
  • Car shell: the hood can be opened, the five doors can be opened, the side panels of the anti-roll frame wheel eyebrows are all finished by aluminum alloy CNC processing, and the car roof is made of ABS material and can be removed by CNC processing
  • Chassis: front and rear suspension with disconnectable anti-roll bars, front and rear four-bar linkage structure
  • Weight: 6KG, (excluding electronic equipment)
  • A lighting system is provided with the car

Note: This vehicle does not include steering servo, ESC, remote control, sound module, and winch. The whole vehicle needs six mini servos, a standard steering servo, the vehicle has the axle lock function, the anti-roll bar transmission function, the steering wheel is installed with the steering gear to realize parallel rotation, and the engine belt can be remotely rotated.

The front-drive of the gearbox can be disconnected, and the hard connection of the rear-drive can be disconnected, realizing the function of simulating a timely four-wheel drive. Two gear levers can realize 4 speeds. The low-speed climbing gear torque can be enlarged by 4 times.

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