Team Raffee Co. Benz G-Class Hard Body for Kyosho Mini-Z 4x4


TRC releases all-new Benz G-Class 2-Door Hard Body for Kyosho Mini-Z 4x4. This body is full of scale details!

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Team Raffee Co. released this G-Class body in 1/10 scale last year. Now you can get it in mini scale for the Kyosho Mini-Z 4x4. The body has many scale details such as door handles, wing mirrors, light buckets and tinted windows. The body is made out of strong plastic for durability and strength.

The G-Class body wheelbase is 120mm, which will fit directly onto the Jimny chassis. The G-Class body shown here is mounted on a Mini-Z 4x4 Hilux 4Runner chassis. To mount this body on the Hilux 4Runner chassis, follow the directions given below.



  • Length: 200mm
  • Width: 95mm
  • Height: 78mm
  • Wheelbase: 120mm
  • Weight: 80g



  • Body
  • Front bumper
  • Rear bumper
  • All the chrome parts
  • Door handles, wing mirrors, side steps
  • Light buckets, spare wheel cover
  • Decals
  • Light buckets
  • Pre-tinted windows
  • Instruction manual


To mount on the Jimny chassis:

1. Remove the front and rear bumpers and bumper mounts

2. Install the G-Class front and rear bumper mounts

3. Optional - the G-Class in this article uses the larger Hilux 4Runner wheels and tires KYA-MXTH001 Premounted Tire/Wheel 2pcs Toyota 4Runner.


To mount on the Hilux 4Runner chassis:

1. Lengthen the front upper Y-links with this KYA-MX007 Suspension Parts Set.

2. Lengthen the lower links, option of KYA-MX017 Tie Rod Set or KYA-MXW002R Aluminum Link Rod Set WB 120mm 

3. Mount the rear shock towers in reverse position

4. Remove the front and rear bumpers and bumper mounts

5. Install the G-Class front and rear bumper mounts










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