1/10 D90 Chassis Kit (Without Wheels Tires Shocks) w/ Defender D90 Pickup Hard Body

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D90 Metal Chassis Kit. Front 3-link setup with CMS and Panhard mount. Rear runs links as well. These three new kits come unassembled.

Includes Team Raffee Co. Scale Axles, steel front and rear driveshafts, transmission, T-case, aluminum links, HD gears, battery plate, mounts, skid plate, bumpers, shock towers, and receiver box. Does not come with shocks, wheels, and tires.

Recommended shocks length 80mm to 90mm and 1.9 wheels with tires not exceeding 96mm.

This combo comes with Team Raffee Co. body D90 Pickup body.


    • Scale 1:10
    • Comes with┬áTeam Raffee Co. Scale Axles
    • Over 45-degree steering angle
    • 27/10T heavy-duty helical axle gears and input shafts
    • Heavy Cast Knuckles
    • Overall length (bumper to bumper): 434mm
    • Wheelbase: variable 282-287 mm
    • Frame width: 85mm (outside) 73mm (inside)
    • Front bumper width: 195mm
    • Rear bumper width: 190mm
    • Body post width: 190mm
    • Body post distance hole to hole: 138mm
    • Mainly all parts in 6061 alloys assembled
    • Full metal internal gears in axles
    • Full metal internal gears in the transmission
    • Full metal internal gears in the transfer case
    • HD universal driveshafts
    • Aluminum M3 upper and lower links, drag link, and Panhard link
    • Stainless steel steering tie rod link
    • 4x cast metal adjustable shock mounts
    • 4x aluminum shock extension
    • 1x helical pinion gear
    • 1x helical main gear
    • 4x 12mm aluminum hex
    • Full ball bearings

  • D90 Chassis (without tires/wheels/shocks)
  • Defender D90 Pickup Body

To complete this chassis you will need:
  • 2-channel radio system
  • Steering servo
  • Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)
  • Motor
  • Battery & Charger
  • Wheels & Tires
  • Shocks

When you receive the car, do not put electronics and battery on it immediately and run it immediately. Inspect the vehicle and take it apart, including the axles, which you need to shim them and grease them properly. Check all of the screws to make sure they are tightened and nothing is loose.

The photo is for reference only. Accessories are extra options. The body comes unpainted. Price includes body and chassis. Electronics are not included.

This item is available for distribution from AsiaTees.com

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